The one goal for our clients is to Manage Your HR So You Don’t Have To by answering the HR needs of your company and your employees. Our objective is to help you build and align your human resource strategy, to retain the best talent and lower your employment costs. We provide companies with access to expert human resource consulting expertise at an affordable price. Whether it is HR forms, developing a company handbook, assisting in the hiring process, ensuring your federal and state employment compliance, filling a short term void, or outsourcing of your Human Resource programs, we have the skill set to provide the quality service you desire.

​We have a diverse background in Human Resource Administration with experience servicing small companies having only one location to larger corporate organizations. Our skills include being a creative out-of-the-box thinker, effective with individuals at all levels within an organization and known by peers as being a person who will do whatever it takes, going above and beyond, to accomplish the goal at hand.

​Let Olive Tree Bookkeeping take the burden of your HR tasks and implement systems that are tailor-made for your company.