Merchant Processing

Choosing the right merchant service or credit card processor for your business is not an easy task. There are many options out there to choose from. But which option is the right one for you and your business? If you don’t ask the right questions you will soon be paying more fees than you bargained for. When evaluating your options, ask these questions:

  • Is the contract month-to-month?
  • Are funds deposited on the next business day?
  • Is there a Loyalty Program?
  • Is there a Dedicated Marketing Representative who sets you up with a Mobile, Email and Social Media Marketing Plan?
  • Are you offered the lowest transaction rate guaranteed? And do they pay you $1.000.00 if they cannot reduce current your fees?!
  • Is there a virtual terminal with invoicing capabilities?
  • Are there PCI Fees?
  • Are there Batch Fees?
  • Is there a Monthly Minimum Processing Requirement?
  • Is customer service available 24/7?
  • Is your data protected with an end-to-end encryption?

If you have not found a merchant processor that gives you ALL of these benefits while not charging you ANY ADDITIONAL FEES, please contact Olive Tree Bookkeeping. We have the right solution to help you grow your business!